• Starting at $399.99
  • Rockingham, Guilford, or Alamance County

Service Description

Everything you need for a fun, memorable, intimate date night. Allow us to customize your date based on your event, interests, and budget and then we will either style your date (ex. picnic, truck bed date, etc.) or hand-deliver items to your partner (ex. love letter, flowers, etc.). Also included, you will be emailed intimacy prompts to discuss during your date to deepen the bond between you and your partner. Start by filling out our booking form with the details of your event, interests, and budget and we will contact you for a quick 10 minute consultation to finalize details and date of event. Activity includes any tickets or booking prices to be accrued during the date (ex. wine tasting, show, events, etc.). **Starting price + Cost of Activity**

Cancellation Policy

We do not accept cancellations.

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