Monthly Subscriptions

Our monthly subscriptions are pre-curated dates that are delivered to you via email with the Itinerary of your date for that month or hand-delivered packages with everything you need for a fun date at home. It's for the adventurers! Dates may incorporate local businesses with exclusive offers, such as a local place to go for dinner and dessert, a new shop to check out together, or a totally unique experience. Packages would include all items necessary to perform that specific date right at home! You would purchase local dates (such as your dinner at the restaurant, etc.), but our subscription service brings you exclusive offers and sometimes gift cards! Check out our FAQ for more.


*Dates can be something you end up doing at home OR can be up to 2 hours from Gibsonville, North Carolina. We just never know!

Choose your plan

  • Month to Month

    Pay As You Go
    Valid for one month
    • Initial Consultation
    • 1 Curated Date
  • Annual

    Every year
    Save 20%
     45 day free trial
    • Initial Consultation
    • 12 Curated Dates
    • Free Trial: First Month
  • 3 Month Plan

    Every month
    Save 15%
    Valid for 3 months
    • Initial Consultation
    • 3 Curated Dates
  1. Subscribe

  2. Consultation (to find your likes and strong dislikes & discuss your budget)

  3. Get your curated date email on the 3rd of each month

  4. Discuss with your partner what day of the month you will enjoy your date

  5. Date!

The Rules

  1. Be open

  2. Once you receive a date, no take backsies - you need to at least give it a shot or, if something is truly preventing you from being able to complete the date, determine how to manipulate it to do something similar

  3. Send us feedback! We want to know how you really felt about that particular date

How Much Are the dates?

We will discuss your personal budget in our initial consultation. Through our research, the average cost of a date in North Carolina is around $89.00. Don't worry, some dates will be at home and more affordable, others will be more of an experience. If you can't do a date solely in terms of budget, save it and save up! It'll be worth it, we promise.